Germany Musikmesse Frankfurt 2022

2023-06-26 15:38:14

Jiangxi Baorui Electronic Technology Makes a Splash at Musikmesse Frankfurt with Revolutionary 

Foldable Digital Piano Series

In the vibrant sea of innovation that is Musikmesse Frankfurt, one exhibitor stood out this year - Jiangxi Baorui 

Electronic Technology. A pioneering force in the music industry, Jiangxi Baorui dazzled attendees with its patented, 

foldable digital piano series, setting a new benchmark in the realm of musical instruments.

The series was the epitome of a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, encapsulating the classical elegance of 

the piano with the functionality and convenience of today's digital world. Crafted with the discerning musician in 

mind, each foldable digital piano boasted cutting-edge technology, compact design, and impressive acoustic 


Jiangxi Baorui's ground-breaking designs and the incomparable sound quality they delivered didn't just turn heads; 

they dominated discussions and were the star of countless social media posts throughout the event. Each piece 

was a testament to Jiangxi Baorui's commitment to revolutionizing the music industry with their out-of-the-box 

thinking and mastery of advanced technology.

The unanimous praise and positive attention generated by these innovative instruments have served as an open 

invitation to distributors globally to become part of this exciting journey. By aligning with Jiangxi Baorui, dealers 

gain the opportunity to offer their customers a distinctive, high-quality product that is both elegantly traditional 

and excitingly innovative.

As a result of this successful exhibit, Jiangxi Baorui Electronic Technology has unequivocally set the stage for a 

new era of musical expression. Don't miss out on the opportunity to partner with a company that is charting the 

future of music, one foldable digital piano at a time.

For inquiries and distribution opportunities, please contact Jiangxi Baorui Electronic Technology directly. Be part 

of the music revolution.